Frequently Asked Questions

We have a lot of the same questions asked of us often. In order to make things easier on everyone, we are going to try to have most of them answered here:

Q: When is the next book coming out?

A: We do not sit on books when they are finished being produced. This means we give anticipated release dates, and as soon as they are ready, they are uploaded. An anticipated release date means something may happen that affects it and results in an earlier or later release. Sometimes, the companies providing your e-books to you are slower than normal with the publication process and this is also out of our hands. 

Q: Why isn't the audiobook being released at the same time?

A: This is a two part answer:

Part one: We do not sit on books when they are finished being produced. As a result, we don't have the final copy of the book until it's ready to be published which means that we cannot give our manuscript to a narrator until that point. We could hold the e-book back to wait the 1-4 months of production time for the audiobook, but we would rather not. 

Part two: Audiobooks are expensive to produce, and we use the e-books to gauge if it will be cost effective to do so. IF the e-book performs well enough in the first month we will start the process with audiobook production. If that sounds somewhat harsh, then just remember, we are Independent authors who must make tough business decisions in order to keep paying the bills while we write that next book!

Q: Can I purchase a signed paperback from you?

A: Yes, you can. There are two ways to do so. 

ONE: You can come to a book singing that we are attending

TWO: You can purchase them from the signed book sales we host on this website. They usually occur in March and September, but special sales may pop up in between.

Q: I saw merchandise that someone posted from you (from a signing or giveaway) and wondered if those items were for sale anywhere?

A: We do offer a few pieces of merchandise that we either give away or sell at book signing events here on the website. We also work with Zazzle to bring you more merchandise that we don't have a way of keeping in stock ourselves. You can purchase merchandise at this link:

Q: Okay, but seriously, when is the next book coming out?

A: You can check the NEWS page here on the website for news about upcoming releases. If the books listed there have TBA as a release date, then that date has not yet been announced. If it has a date, then you can expect the book to release on, or shortly after, the date listed (we include the shortly after caveat due to some slow publication times we have seen with specific e-book retailers recently).

Q: Will you be attending a book signing near me?

A: You can check the EVENTS page here on the website to find out which signings we will be attending. They are posted as soon as they are confirmed and announced by each event organizer. If you don't see an event near you that we are attending, feel free to send us requests to events you know are happening in your area and we will see what we can do. Be sure to give us plenty of notice (3+ months prior to the event, 6+ months is better) as there is a bit of prep work that goes into getting us there.

Q: Do you have a newsletter so I can sign up for updates?

A: We sure do. At the bottom of every page of the website you will see the newsletter sign up form. We encourage you to fill it out, if you have not already! We try to keep newsletters to once per month, but if something special pops up, then we may add an extra one during the month, but you should never receive any more than that.  

Q: I signed up for the newsletter, but haven't received anything yet.

A: You should have received a quick welcome note when you signed up. If you did not, check your spam folder to see if there is anything from us here at If so, add that email to your contacts list so it won't go to spam again.

If you did receive the welcome note, but haven't received an actual news letter yet, that's probably because we haven't sent a new one for the month yet. ;) We also announce on Facebook when we put newsletters out, so that is a good way to check to see if you missed one. If you still feel like something went wrong, please, contact us in one of the ways listed below at the bottom of the page so we can get it sorted for you.