A Rockin' Start to Kindle Vella

Amazon's Kindle Vella launched today in the US! With the launch, came the first six episodes of Christine Michelle's rock star romance serial: The Groupie Journal.


My mom was supposedly a groupie who slept with my world-famous, rock star father on tour and tragically dumped me on his doorstep. Imagine my surprise, when I found out that my mom was actually the best friend of my dad's high school sweetheart. Well, sort of. It was a longer story than that. She was the reason my stepmother never liked me and my dad had a hard time looking me in the eye. How did I rebel? I became what they claimed my mother was. A rock star groupie. This is my journal. *18+

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't give any more space for the story description! Obviously, the heroine of the story falls in love amidst all the drama! You'll have to read to find out how and with whom! ;)

The Groupie Journal is *estimated to be about 15 episodes/chapters/journals long in its entirety with an estimated total token cost of about 480. For those readers who do not have Kindle Vella available to them: The Groupie Journal will launch as a complete print book 30 days AFTER the last episode is published to Kindle Vella. The thirty day wait is a requirement for all Kindle Vella authors and their stories, so there is no getting around that.

The "author insights" that are available with each episode of the Vella story will not be included in the print book. They are exclusive to the Vella stories.

There will be at least one episode published per week until the story is complete, some weeks you may see more than one episode go live! They will generally go live on Tuesdays.


Kindle Vella brings stories to readers in serialized or episodic form, allowing them to read a little bit of a story at a time, which is perfect for readers who can't sit down and inhale a whole book in a day. Each episode is 600-5,000 words long and will eventually form a full story over time. You will also be given the ability to check out some author insights with every episode, making the story a truly unique experience for readers.

Kindle Vella operates on a token system. The first three episodes per story are FREE to readers. After that, you will be required to purchase tokens to unlock each episode.

Here is a breakdown of what the tokens will cost:



The Chosen Wolf (an Ancients Series Spinoff Story) by Christine M. Butler is scheduled to release to Kindle Vella in August, 2021. Depending on how well received these Vella stories are, there may be more in the future.

*Note on estimated episodes/token cost - these estimates are subject to change as the story is written/published. There may be changes that add or subtract from the number of chapters (and will also throw off the token estimates).

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