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Book Update & Signing Info 9-30-23

Hi everyone!

I wanted to update y'all on what's been happening.

Baby Me (Savage Vipers MC book 4) is still coming. Hopefully in the next week or so.

I had a mishap while working on final edits from my iPad that messed up huge chunks of the manuscript.

There is a lesson in there about not using aftermarket products. I spilled coffee on my original Magic Keyboard from Apple and replaced it with a generic one - because a backlit keyboard and hard shell swivel case seemed fancy. It is fancy, until I'm working and it inadvertently moves me all around a manuscript as I work (without me realizing) - causing some things to be deleted and other portions to be moved to the wrong spots.

So, I have been piecing everything back together like a puzzle. And it's frustrating to have realized it at the last minute before formatting and hitting publish on the 19th, but I was distracted with company as I brought my my mom's brother in from out of town to surprise her (they hadn't seen one another in many years). It was bad timing, but unavoidable due to scheduling.

I have almost finished getting it all back together and will have someone else take a look a too, which adds to the time it will take to finally hit publish, but I promise, we'll work as quickly as we can without losing efficiency too.

I am also gearing up for my first book signing since early 2020, and have been allocating time to prep for that as well, so that it's not getting thrown together at the last minute and causing me anxiety.

For anyone in or around the Atlanta, GA area (or close enough to travel in for the weekend), you should stop into the GA Indie Author (Sweet as a Peach) Event on October 14th and say hello! Click on the link to grab your tickets!

I'll be giving away goodie bags to the first 20-30 people who stop by my table and a few other things throughout the day! Look for my new logo!

Also, I want to apologize to everyone whose messages are going unanswered, however I have hundreds of notifications for messages between my social media and website (some repeated from the same people). I can't take the time to answer everyone individually because then I would be taking away time from getting this mess sorted out. It's too much! So, if you see this post - please share it and get the word out!


Christine / Anne

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