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Busy Times, Release Dates, and New Covers

A quick update on Christine Michelle/Anne Storm

1) Devastate Me will release on April 19th now.

2) Christine has glasses again and can see to do her work properly.

3) There are family things going on with her children (military and medical issues) that are taking more of her time right now, and they are the priority.

4) Christine just bought her retirement "home" (retirement meaning the kids are all (almost) grown up and the last couple are moving out - not that she's retiring from writing) and immediately had some problems with it after finalizing the sale, so it has also taken up time that hasn't been available for work over the past couple weeks. This situation is mostly resolved now, and she is back to work.

What's coming up:

Devastate Me (Anne Storm) - April 19th.

Evermore (Christine Michelle) - May 10th.

Patch Me (Anne Storm) - May 24th.


There are new book covers releasing for some older books to make sure current series have a more cohesive look (people were confused by which books belonged to which series for some reason in the MC World). Here is a quick peek at what those new covers will look like as they release.

Aces High MC - Dakotas (New covers will appear before May 1st for existing books and will continue for new releases that are coming). Only the first three books in the AHMC - Dakotas Series are currently available, so this is also a sneak peek at the covers for the last three books in the series (Spinner's book - Cherries and Cream, Whiskey and Fox's book - Learning to Bend, and Iceman's book - Promises We Make).

Aces High MC - Cedar Falls New Covers Are already available in ebook format and will soon be available via paperback and hardback as well. The same goes for the S.H.E. MC Series.


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