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Book Updates for Christine Michelle and Anne Storm (10-10-2023)

Updates on books written by Christine Michelle and Anne Storm.

Baby Me, When the Last Petal Falls, Echoes of Everything, Night Stalker, Inked Kisses, The Homewrecker's Fate, Bad at Love
Book Updates: Christine Michelle, Anne Storm, Christine M. Butler


  • BABY ME (Savage Vipers MC - book 4) by Anne Storm

Previous books that were delayed due to loss of manuscripts during computer crash:

  • Evermore (Aces High MC - Cedar Falls book 4)

  • Devoted (Valhalla Rising book 2)

  • The Infinite Everything Series Books (3-5)

  • Legs and Tash (S.H.E. MC books 4 &5)

  • Letters to Liam (Letters to... #2) *see note at bottom

  • Inferno and Cult (Death Viewers Series books 2 & 3) *see note at bottom

The books listed above are still coming, but are taking longer than originally anticipated because the original manuscripts (whether full or partial) were lost in a computer crash and unrecoverable. As soon as I am able, they will all be re-written and published. No ETA on any of them as of yet.


  • Bad at Love (Bad at Love book 1) by Christine Michelle (being re-edited after a mishap messed up the manuscript).)

  • Baby Me (Savage Vipers MC - book 4) - Anne Storm (being re-edited after a mishap messed up the manuscript).

CURRENT WORKS IN PROGRESS (still writing stage, but with minimum of 50,000 words written):

  • The Winter Wolf (paranormal shifter romance - standalone for now - might turn into a series of standalone books in that world with new main characters for each) - Christine Michelle

  • When the Last Petal Falls (Robeson Family Novel #2) - Christine Michelle

  • Echoes of Everything (Aces High MC - Tallahassee #2) - Christine Michelle

  • The Homewrecker's Fate (Cheating Hearts Series #1) - Anne Storm

  • Devoted (Valhalla Rising #2) Christine Michelle

  • Patch Me (Savage Vipers MC #5) - Anne Storm

CURRENT WORKS IN PROGRESS WITH 20,000-49,000 words written:

  • Into the Grasslands (Mirage Island Series #1 - PNR/shifters) - Christine Michelle

  • The Return Home (FTO #5 - although may get reordered to an earlier release) - Christine Michelle

  • Night Stalker (Castle Curiosities #1 - Paranormal Mystery/Suspense/Urban Fantasy/PNR Series) - Christine Michelle

  • The Desperate Wife (Cheating Hearts Series #2) - Anne Storm

  • The Morning After (FTO #2) - Christine Michelle

  • A Different Husband (Robeson Family Novel #3) - Christine Michelle

  • If We Die Tonight (Contemporary Romance Standalone) Christine Michelle

  • The Infinite Truth (TIE #3) - Christine Michelle

  • Vindicated (Valhalla Rising #3) - Christine Michelle

  • Cherries and Cream (Aces High MC - Dakotas #4) - Christine Michelle

  • Dark Divinity (Earthbound Souls MC #1) - Christine Michelle

  • The Regrettable Mistake (Cheating Hearts Series #3) - Anne Storm

  • Court's Justice (Aces High MC - Tallahassee #3) - Christine Michelle

  • Spike's Break (Aces High MC - Sierra High MC #1) - Christine Michelle

  • Soulless Bastard (Aces High MC - Sierra High MC #3) - Christine Michelle (this is Walker's story from Redemption Weather)

CURRENT WORKS IN PROGRESS WITH 5,000-19,000 words written:

  • The Faithless Husband (Cheating Hearts Series #5) - Anne Storm

  • The Royal Affair (Cheating Hearts Series #4) - Anne Storm

  • Waging War (Paranormal Suspense/Mystery/Urban Fantasy/PNR) - Christine Michelle

  • The Wrong Affair - (standalone) Anne Storm

  • An Innocent Man (standalone) Christine Michelle

  • Diamond Girl (Renegade Rosy's #1) - Christine Michelle (Aces High MC - Dakotas dancer's spinoff)

  • Painted Hearts (Permanent Marks #1) Christine Michelle (this is the tattoo spinoff series from Aces High MC - Charleston.

  • Inked Kisses (Permanent Marks #2) - Christine Michelle

  • Bad Beat (Aces High MC - Sierra High #2) - Christine Michelle

  • Tricky Ride (Aces High MC - Tallahassee #4) Christine Michelle

  • Cage's Fury (Aces High MC - Tallahassee #5) Christine Michelle

There are plenty of other books still in the works not listed here. Some fall well within the word counts posted, but I'm not ready to release info about them yet (sometimes because they have more completed in them than the book previous to them in the lineup - and I don't want people to think they're going to be moved up as a result).


  • MiMi (S.H.E. MC novella) - Christine Michelle. I have tried to write her story numerous times and never liked what came out. As a result, I have scrapped her story. If, at a later date, I am inspired - it may be added. As it stands, Legs and Tash will be the final books in the S.H.E. MC Series to round out the 5-book series.

  • Inferno and Cult (Death Viewers Series) Christine M. Butler - Unfortunately, those books were a casualty of an earlier computer death, and due to low sales on the first book (it is one of my worst-selling books of all time), I will most likely not finish this series as a result. Things might change, but I wouldn't count on it for now. Trust me, no one is more disappointed in this decision than ME because Breathless is one of my favorites.

  • Letters to Liam (Letters to... #2) Christine Michelle. This is the follow up to Letters to Lily. Lily will remain a standalone, as this original manuscript was lost and is unrecoverable and I don't have time to recreate it at the moment. Again, as with the others if time and inspiration happen - then maybe I'll bring it back around, but for now, I'm going to call this a permanently paused project.

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