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BAD AT LOVE By: Christine Michelle An unrequited, family drama, later-in-life chance love story



I fell in love with the idea of Maxwell Carter when I was too young to understand just how that beautiful boy would break my heart one day.

I was never his best friend.

Never a girlfriend.

We were strangers turned pen pals.

Through those letters, we each grew more complicated feelings, especially since he never actually came home to see me in person.

By the time he admitted his feelings, events had already been put into motion that would keep us apart.

By then, he realized he was bad at love, and I decided that he was no longer worthy of my time.

Unbeknownst to us both, the man who tried to push us both together when we were teens, was still hard at work, trying to make it happen, long after he was gone.


Pops used to give me what he called “woman advice”.

When I was younger, I blew it all off, thinking I knew everything there was to know about the opposite sex.

Failed relationship after failed relationship just proved I should have listened to the old coot before it was too late.

It wasn’t until I came back to my hometown at thirty-three that I realized the most important thing he tried to convey to me, the love of a good woman – the perfect woman for me – had been in my grasp all that time, only I’d failed to see her. And when I had, I had failed to act soon enough to keep circumstances from blocking our path.

I was finally coming home, and she was free once more. Both of us were a little worse for the wear, but I wouldn’t stop trying this time until I finally made her mine. *Note: The Bad at Love Series is only a series of stand-alone novels grouped together for convenience. There are no continuing storylines. Each book can be read on its own merit with no order necessary.


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