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Fall 2023 New Release: Baby Me by Anne Storm

Celebrate fall with Baby Me, a brand new release, by Anne Storm!

Baby Me releases on September 21, 2023.
Baby Me (Savage Vipers MC Book 4) by Anne Storm

Baby Me by Anne Storm will be available on September 21, 2023!

Baby Me (Savage Vipers MC Book 4) by Anne Storm


I walked away from the club the minute those two pink lines showed up on the test.

There were only a few good options for a baby daddy among the club’s men, and the odds weren’t in my favor that my daughter’s father was one of them.

So, I never told them.

Until I had to.

Her life was on the line and my secret might just destroy the happy little life I’d managed to find. Especially, when it turned out the baby’s father was the President of the Savage Vipers MC.


I married my kids’ mom after a one-night stand led to her getting knocked up with my son. Despite leaving my high school sweetheart behind for her, we had a good life until she was killed. Eight months ago, I reconnected with my high school sweetheart and when I finally got around to bringing her around my kids, history repeated itself.

Our former club girl had a baby. She was sick and needed help. That little girl also turned out to be my daughter. Her mother wasn’t someone I really saw before, but she quickly became the one woman I never saw coming either. I just knew I couldn’t let go.


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