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Let's Get Interactive

I have a couple things to tell you about including the site becoming interactive, audiobook news, and more preorders going live.

Up first, you may have noticed the slightly different look to the blog. Some of you have also already noticed you can become a member of the website (different from signing up for the newsletter, but will still get you the newsletter too). The website has been made interactive, meaning you can now "like" things, post comments, ask questions, and basically interact with the authors here or with other fans of the books.

I don't like to bog people down in rules so the only thing I will ask is that you all be respectful of one another if you choose to use those options. I really hope you do, because I love talking to people! Just remember, we also work a lot and have family obligations so responses may not come in immediately (from authors), but they will happen.


Audiobook News:

I have had people asking me for years if I was ever going to put my books in audiobook format. I've looked into it several times over, and frankly been scared away by the initial cost (it's thousands of dollars for the size books I write per audiobook). So, I have shelved it for a more prosperous time.

That time is still not now! hahaha I'm sure some of you can relate with having to pay bills. There are ways around that huge up front fee though, and I am looking into that now, because I don't want to make y'all wait any longer.

I have added The Other Princess to ACX (where some of your audible and ibooks go to be made), and am currently shopping around for a narrator (possibly two) who will take on that book.

Shadows of the Ancients (The Ancients Series Book 1) is also being set up to shop around for a narrator. Again, I will let you all know each step of the way. Updates will come in when I get the narrator contracted and when you can expect the finished product to be available.

For those of you who use the Romance Package on Audible, I am HOPING I will be able to get these books added there as well, but again, I have to actually have the audiobooks available before that gets determined. So, I will keep you updated.


Preorders available from Amazon in January:

Amazon Preorder-Redemption Weather

Amazon Preorder - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Amazon Preorder - The Infinite Beat

I know the question everyone wants answered right now is about the S.H.E. Series. Two of the SHE books will be available BEFORE The Infinite Beat (T.I.E. Book 2) so why aren't they available for preorder?

It's because I'm going to attempt to give you Angel Girl for free for the first month, and I can't do that through preorder status. I've repeatedly stated that the first book in a series (or world of books) will always be at least $0.99 or FREE no matter the size of the book, because I want you to be comfortable purchasing a new series/world of books without fear you'll hate it and have wasted your money. This way, there's little to no investment on your part to see if you'll enjoy it.

Angel Girl is a LARGE book. I originally had it written as two separate books, a novel (90,000 words) and then a follow up novella (40,000 words). I ended up pulling my original release date in order to combine them, because I don't like to pay twice to finish a character's story any more than you guys do! Then book two (originally Keys) just wasn't working for me. I already had book three (JoJo) written so I ended up pulling my release dates once more, because I wanted to have at least two of the five books out all at once in the beginning. Then, I reordered the books, which took a little time going back and changing some things that flow across a time line between books. Yes, they can be read out of order, but they still follow a time line, if that makes sense.

So, now that I've gone into a load of behind the scenes crap, the short answer is just that I am attempting to give you a free book to try out and I can't make a book free in preorder.

Okay, one final thing, I am leaving you with the new book covers for The Awakening Trilogy (Series) reboot. Those books will be back online at the end of April/early May with freshly edited and NEW content! If you already own the e-books, after they go live I HIGHLY suggest you update them so that you are getting the new content!

I know some of you had the books so long ago they're forever lost in your Nook (or whatever e-reader program or account you may have switched out over the years) that you no longer use... I am going to take care of that too! That's why you see the trilogy bundle image too. When the time comes I will set up a way for you to get the bundle at no cost to replace the books you already purchased.

If you made it all the way to the bottom of this post (it's really long, I know!) then I shall reward you with this little carrot of information that no one seems to have discovered yet. I leave messages on Goodreads sometimes with information you may be looking for. Within the book page for The Other Princess is the (sort of) answer to the question everyone had at the end of the book! ;) You will also find an update there (that I didn't include here) on a future book release. Go forth, and search out the treasure!


Christine Michelle // Christine M. Butler


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