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Romanticonn 2019: Our First Book Signing!

Romanticonn 2019 was a BLAST!

Romanticonn took place at the Marriott in Trumbull, Connecticut on August 3, 2019. The pre-signing stress was very real because we had so many ideas for how we wanted the table to look and how the event should go. Being that this was our first signing event, we learned so much just from walking around the venue, talking with other authors and assistants, and checking out all of the amazing merchandise the other authors had at their tables. We took a lot of notes about things that we liked, things that we would like to change for our next signing event, and things that we would love to try in the future. We met so many amazing human beings that made it easy to forget how stressed we were leading up to the actual event.

In addition to being there for the signing, I got to show Christine and Lexy (my mother and younger sister) around Connecticut, a state that I once called home. We were able to eat at my favorite restaurant, Wood-N-Tap in Vernon and, believe me, I have more than missed that creme brûlée. We were also able to head to New Haven for a day, where we walked around the Yale campus and toured the Yale Art Museum. I even got to take my mom and sister to my favorite bar: The Hop Knot in Middletown, where I was able to reconnect with my favorite bartender and friend, while chowing down on a soft pretzel sandwich and drinking their latest sour beer on tap.

As an added bonus, since we were so close geographically, we also decided to head down to New York City for a day after the event was over. We got the best view of the city from the top of the World Trade Center before heading down and taking an embarrassingly long subway ride to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Of course, it wouldn't have been more than a 15 minute subway ride had I not put us on a subway headed in the wrong direction, but we don't have to talk about that, right?

We had an amazing time, between attending a very successful event and meeting some wonderful people there, to touring NYC and Connecticut, and just enjoying being together as a family again.

A huge thank you to Kitty Berry for putting together the first annual Romanticonn, and for allowing us to be a part of something truly awesome. We really enjoyed ourselves and we learned so much.

To S. Massery, author of Something Special and Something Sacred: Thank you for letting us kidnap your idea for a table game ;) You have no idea how much you helped us out. I'm also incredibly excited to begin reading your books, especially the ARC of Blood Sky.

To Sheena Hutchinson, S. Massery, Alicia Peek, Gianna Gabriella, Linny Lawless, Elizabeth Barone, Heather Anne, and Janine Bosco: We appreciate all of the signed books! Now that we're home, we can't wait to dive in to all of these stories.

Finally, to everyone that stopped by our table and said "hello," picked up our free magnets or bookmarks, played our card game, or bought merchandise with us: We are honored and grateful beyond words for your continued support, without which, we could not continue to do what we love for a living. We hope that we will get to see you all again at another book event in the future.

Next stop for us: Indie Romance Convention (IRC) in Lebanon, Tennessee: October 9-12, 2019. Grab yourself a ticket from the link below and come see us!

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