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Savage Vipers MC Book Order

Updated: Mar 11, 2023


1) When will each book be released? 2) Which characters are getting their books now? I've been asked those two questions a lot over the past couple weeks. ANSWER: After going back and correcting timeline and story continuity issues that were written into the books accidentally when I worked on devastate Me while sick (and after popping it in out of order to get it to people quicker)... I had to change a couple things and I added one book to the mix (plus a special edition). Below is the new order of release, though dates are not yet available for some, I can tell you they will all be coming relatively quickly. BOOK 1 - Wait for Me (released on Feb 28, 2022) Star and Bagger BOOK 2 - Devastate Me (released on March 2, 2023) Nova and Breakneck BOOK 2 - Devastate Me Special Edition (released on March 2, 2023) Nova and Breakneck BOOK 2.5 - Surprise Me (Releases March 10-11, 2023) Tripp, June, and Kim (young Tripp when he prospected) BOOK 3 - Baby Me (coming soon) Tripp, June, and Davina (Prez during current time period) BOOK 4 - Patch Me (coming soon) Scout and Kip BOOK 5 - Share Me (coming soon) Mitzi, Skully, and Trench *NOTE: Seeing three names does not mean that all three of those people get a happily ever after. It just means that there were multiple relationships during the course of their story in some cases. (a third party played an important part). **ALSO OF NOTE - SURPRISE ME - was meant to be Trip's extended prologue for Baby Me. I originally wanted to write a novella because a prologue didn't do enough justice to Kim's story and I felt she deserved her happy ending. She gets one in Surprise Me. While this book became a full-length novel, it remains listed as book 2.5 because it was only meant to enhance your experience with book three and not the series overall. Surprise Me is a look into Tripp's past (outside of the timeline for the other books). I absolutely loved writing Kim's story, though, so I hope everyone takes the time to read it.


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