The Ancients Series - Signed Paperback

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This is the complete Ancients Series which includes:
Shadows of the Ancients
Falling into the White
Branches of the Willow
Bound by the Moon

Jessica St. Marks is destined for more than the douchebag guy her parents, and her pack, are trying to pair her with. She can feel it in her gut.
As she tries to resign herself to the fact that she has to do as her packmaster ordered, fate ends up complicating things for her. 
Jessica and her human best friend, Ashley, have a run-in with a few Ancients - the descendants of the original werewolves - that will leave their lives forever changed.
Now, Jessica has some choices to make as fate takes the reins and leads her into a life she never could have imagined.

These books are all New Adult (NA) and are intended for older teens and adults (17+).


    This is a signed and personalized paperback copy.


    This is a personalized and signed copy of the book therefore returns will not be accepted.

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