The Restart and the Remedy

I was born lucky.
I was born into a family of bikers that were closer than most normal families. My parents’ best friends had a boy two years before I was born. He became my best friend, my lover, and what I thought was my soul mate.
Then I found out I wasn’t lucky.
My entire family had been in on his lies.
They backed him.
They broke me.

Once I escaped that life, I found myself in the center of a different kind of motorcycle club. This one appeared to actually function as a family, but I knew all about how appearances could be deceiving so when a beautiful man with a slightly battered soul offered a hand out to me, I wasn’t sure where accepting it would take me.

I stumbled into her life, half naked on the outside and half dead on the inside.
I made her regret being nice to me.
Then, I realized she wasn’t like the woman who had left me broken, and I vowed to make everything up to her. Then, I set out to convince her that I was just what she needed.

Ridden by Darkness

I screwed around for years, drifted for a few too many, and then I found a home with the Dark Leopards Motorcycle Club. No, we’re not all leopard shifters, but we do all have one thing in common. We don’t fit anywhere else, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
The pull to find a mate was never in my blood like it was for so many of my kind. Not until recently, anyway. Each woman who caught my eye also lost my interest just as quickly. That was until I saw her. Lying face down in the alley, her sweet coppery blood tinged the very air I breathed. I felt the pull and did what was necessary to ensure she survived.
Keeping her safe from the men who attempted to steal her pelt meant she had to be claimed.

I knew my legacy and the dangers that lie in wait as a result. Still, I attempted a normal life. I tried to keep who I really was hidden so deep down that no one would ever notice me. Unfortunately for me, someone did notice. They forced my hand, my change, my fate. As it turned out, my fate wasn’t so damn bad after all. Not once Grayson Brewer stepped in to save my life and make me his.

Christine Michelle & Bella Hickman

This is a contemporary romance that was released under Christine M. Butler, and has gotten a re-release with a new cover, some new material, and it has been edited to release under Christine Michelle. 

Dear Lily,

You don’t know it yet, but life is full of complications you could never imagine. The impossible, even the devastatingly so, can throw you off course and batter your heart along the way. I know, that doesn’t sound like the start of the best kind of letter a mother could write to her daughter, but there’s a bright side too.

There are moments, choices, and course-corrections to get you back on track to the life you were meant to have. You are living proof of that. I won’t hold back. Some of what you’ll read might be hard to hear considering it’s about your mom and dad, but it will all be worth it if you learn from our mistakes. I like to think we went wrong so that you won’t have to one day. Besides, as you know, it all worked out in the end.


I knew Kade was my one before he ever even realized I was a girl. He was mine for a moment, and then fate interceded to take him away from me…


Family drama took me away from her. A lie from a friend kept me away. Seeing her again, months later, with a swollen belly as I had my arms wrapped around another woman, that would stain my heart forever. Second chances don’t come often, but there was no way I couldn’t try, too much was at stake.

A Year and a Day

I died eleven years ago.

Yeah, you read that right. 

My name is Toby Brothers, otherwise known as T-Bone to my club brothers, also known as a dead man to everyone else. So, what am I doing back in the land of the living? I'm here to clean up someone else's mess and to keep a promise I made so long ago- to protect Ever! 

And, I'm here for her.

She's the angel in their midst. 

She's everything. 

Aces High MC: Charleston

7 titles: must be read in order. The Charleston Chapter Series of the Aces High MC Franchise deals heavily with internal family themes, and is not your typical MC against MC with romance thrown in book. This is a family drama. The family just so happens to live and breathe bikes and the MC lifestyle. 

The Other Princess- Book 1

I was 8 years old when I found out I had a father. It was the same day I held my dead mother in my arms while praying her life wasn't really over. My new family ended up bigger than just a new dad though. My dad was a member of the Aces High Motorcycle Club. Usually that would make me an MC Princess, but my mom was a whore, so I was just the Other Princess. 

When I was old enough, I tried to leave the life entirely for the way I was treated. Until he came home from the Army and tried to win over my unattainable heart. 

Other Titles Available in This Series:

Aces High MC: Cedar Falls

3 Titles: Can be read as a series or individually as standalone novels.

Redemption Weather- Book 1 

When I married Walker Smithson, it was the happiest day of my life. My family was there, we had a bright future ahead of us, and the world was ours for the taking. Then the storms started coming. First, there was the one that took my family. Then, there was the one that took my husband. Moving to a new town, new state, and a new life was never on my agenda until I couldn't take the ghosts, both living and dead, that haunted my every waking moment in the town I'd been born to, grown up and always thought I'd die in after living out my happily ever after. 

I'd been wrong about my life before. Wrong took me to Cedar Falls, West Virginia and left me on the doorstep of the same motorcycle club that had failed me before. It took me to a place where my future was waiting for me. If only the past would let go of us so that we could be happy. If only tragedy and storms would stop following in my wake. If only the weather would turn, so my happy could commence. If, for once, wrong could prove to be absolutely right. 

Other Titles Available in This Series:

Aces High MC: Dakotas

2 Titles, with more on the way. Can be read as a series or individually as standalone novels.

Dancing With Danger- Book 1 

What do you do when your husband, an ex- NFL running back, is trying to have you murdered? 

You get kidnapped, run, dance in questionable strip clubs, and stay under the radar while trying to survive. 

That is exactly the path that I took, only in the end, it lead me to a motorcycle club in the Dakotas and to a family I never knew I had. I don't know if they can keep me safe or sane, especially after meeting their VP- Rage. I do know it's time to stop running and to start living again. 

Other Titles Available in This Series:

Aces High MC: Tallahassee 

1 Title, More on the way! 

Crushed- Book 1 

It's been eight years since the boy I crushed on in high school became a memory for me, yet seeing him brought all those old feelings rushing back as if it had been yesterday. Too bad the timing is shit and I can't trust his lifestyle any more today than I could back then. Too bad I had to trust my life to part of his lifestyle, because I was in trouble. Big trouble. Huge trouble. I was in the type of trouble that gets people dead, or worse. Yes, there was a worse, it came with what they would do to me before the dead part. I'd witnessed my best friend's rape. I'd testified against the man who had done it. Unfortunately, half his family ran this town by planting themselves firmly in local business, government, and law enforcement positions. The other half ran a criminal underground organization that catered to running drugs, guns, and girls to those who could pay. I stepped in it deep by trying to protect my friend who didn't stick around afterward to have my back. Now, the only person I could trust is the one I flat out do not trust with my heart. My heart may just be the price I end up paying for my life though. 

Sierra High Evermore (SHE) 

2 Titles, More on the way! Sierra High Evermore is a female-run MC that exists in the same world as the Aces High MC. You can read them for FREE in Kindle Unlimited for a limited time.  

Angel Girl- Book 1 

I was born Jamie Murdock, and MC Princess in the Aces High Motorcycle Club. At 17, I was promised to one of the club members. At 18, I ran. 

The MC life was in my blood though, and years later I found myself with a new name, running my own club full of tough, smart, beautiful women who happen to love the open road as much as the next guy. Everything was fine with my new life until it wasn't. It took seven years, but he found me again, and nothing would ever be the same. 

Other Titles Available in This Series:

The Infinite Everything (TIE)

2 Titles, More on the way! This series is rockstar romance, and exists in the same world as the Aces High MC.  You can read them for FREE in Kindle Unlimited for a limited time. 

The Infinite Something - Book 1 

I thought I could fall in love with an up and coming rock star until he betrayed me. The lying, cheating, scheming piece of crap bassist for my brother's band destroyed my faith in men. 

Funny how another musician saved me from humiliation, became my best friend during my internship with his band's tour, and ended up winning my heart, despite the fact that I had sworn to never go there again. 

Too bad things couldn't stay so simple. One jealous ex-girlfriend, one crazy infatuation later, and I became public enemy number one. Then I waited to see if he would remain my savior, or prove that I was right the first time around... You can't trust a rocker. Why the had I done it twice? 

Other Titles Available in This Series:

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