Motorcycle Club Romance Reading Order

Reading Order for Christine Michelle's MC World of Books

With my Motorcycle Club Romance and Rock Star Romance books I have created worlds where several series exist that interact with one another. This sometimes causes confusion in reading order. I write all the books in such a way that you will not have to read any particular series within a world first. You can start anywhere. I will say, with the exception of the Aces High MC - Charleston Series, none of the series/books need to be read in a specific numbered order. Each series has its own book numbers based on publication/release dates. I am going to address those here.

Within the MC World of Books there are three different motorcycle clubs (each with their own books/series).

Aces High MC - with five series/ 27 books (two spin off series will follow for Permanent Marks Tattoo guys and the girls of Renegade Rosey's)

S.H.E. MC - with 6 books (spin off will follow for the security guys of Redemption Inc. to add to this count at a later date)

Stoneridge Raiders - with four books (currently planned)

That will be 37 books total (that are either published or planned) for the MC World (not counting spin off books).

The books also have what I call a lite to wild scale within the MC World. The scale runs as follows:

MC Lite = family drama with a splash of the MC world in the mix. These are mostly internal stories without all the drama of clubs fighting with one another. These are about the families more than the MC. If you are just starting to explore the motorcycle club romance world, or if you have "triggers" that you don't want to read in books these are probably a good introductory place to start.

MC Mild = the books in this mid-range portion of the scale are a good mix between the family drama of the MC Lite books to the Wild action-packed adventures of the MC Wild. You will see more "club business" here than in the MC Lite books, but they will still be focused more on the individuals rather than the overall club.

MC Wild = The wild books are the ones that you may need trigger warnings for if you're a delicate reader. There will be more action, violence, sex, and twisted story lines than in the other two types of books.


This world consists of five series. Three of those have been released and two more are still waiting in the wings for publication. They are named for the places where the specific chapter of the MC has established itself.

  • Charleston

  • Dakotas

  • Tallahassee

  • Cedar Falls

  • Sierra High

The reading order for these books (titles with links are currently published):

Aces High MC - Charleston (MC Lite)

(This is the only series within the Aces MC World that MUST be read in order)

Book 1: The Other Princess

Book 2: A Love So Hard

Book 3: The Princess and the Prospect

Book 4: The Killing Ride

Book 5: A Twist of Fate

Note: The rest of the books in the MC World can all be read as stand alone books, however for optimal enjoyment you can read them in their publication order within each series as listed:

Aces High MC - Dakotas (MC Mild)

Book 1: Dancing With Danger

Book 2: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Book 3: Cherries and Cream

Book 4: The Restart and the Remedy

Book 5: Learning to Bend

Aces High MC - Cedar Falls (MC Lite-Mild)

Book 1: Redemption Weather

Book 2: Proven

Book 3: Smoke and the Flame

Book 4: Evermore

Book 5: Wren's Wings

Book 6: Through the Ashes

Book 7: The Witchling

Aces High MC - Tallahassee (MC Mild - Wild)

Book 1: Crushed

Book 2: Echoes of Everything

Book 3: Court's Justice

Book 4: Tricky Ride

Aces High MC - Sierra High (MC Wild)

Book 1: Bad Beat

Book 2: Snake's Bite

Book 3: Battle Plans

Book 4: Stone Solid

Book 5: Soulless Bastard

Book 6: Twisted Tomorrow

Sierra High Evermore MC

S.H.E. MC (MC Mild)

Book 1: Angel Girl

Book 2: JoJo

Book 3: Keys

Book 4: MiMi

Book 5: Tash

Book 6: Legs

Stoneridge Raiders MC

Stoneridge Raiders MC (MC Wild)

Book 1: Grave Mistake

Book 2: Burning Bridges

Book 3: Forgotten Soul

Book 4: Harbinger's Fury

*Note - The rock star romance world reading order will be posted in a separate blog. Thank you!

**Order of titles not yet published is subject to change.

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